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Patrick Sheehans Irish Pub - the Postmen

Victoria Blair
November 23, 2010

Looking for something fun to do I went to see The Postmen on the 20th at Sheehan's Irish Pub. I was not deceived. The acoustic rock band played most of my favorite songs, took a couple requests and in no time, had everyone in the room joining in on the singing. By the end of the night, a couple people were dancing freely next to the stage.

I thought I was going to listen to a couple of tunes and then set off but, one after the other, they played every acoustic feel good song and very quickly, The Postmen had a tide of students filling the pub. From Cage The Elephant to Oasis, everyone knew the lyrics and was singning along. I didn't want to leave. The atmosphere was so pleasant it had me smiling and laughting at the goofy antics of the people dancing carelessly next to the stage. To top the whole thing off, the band took special requests all night. Talk about dedication.

So, as you can see, The Postmen know how to get you out of your seat, take it from me. As far as acoustic bands go I give them 3 stars out of 5 and recommend you to go see the three cute guys from The Postmen at Sheehan's Irish Pub anytime. It's free, but it's worth so much more.

Victoria Blair