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Illusion - a Sit Down with Matt Palmer

Victoria Blair
November 30, 2010

I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by talented, creative people, who through their music, provide an endless supply of fresh sounds and melodies. The most recent ones came from the song the guitarist Matt Palmer has been composing for a year now: Illusion. It speaks of nostalgia and escaping reality into illusions we create for ourselves. When he played it, the strong but soft melody flowed out of his guitar. To enhance his subtle notes, Matt sings in a deep voice, lyrics that can only be inspired by women ( because we are an inspiring gender). As a general rule, he says that in his free time, 80% of what he does on his guitar is just playing around but that 20% of the time, a tide washes over him and instinctively he knows what to play, the music just flows out of him.

Matt is obviously a driven and passionate character which is why learning was no problem for him. In fact, he learned more by himself then he ever did in a music class. Now that he mastered this art, his guitar is a doorway to a world where he can be free from the everyday torments and really express himself. The knowledge he gained, he used when he was a part of the band Solice. Now that he misses the band's creative energy he's making his new songs on his own. Keep your eyes peeled for Matt Palmer in the Saint-Catharines music scene.
Matt is an example of the rich music scene we have here in Saint Catharines. We are privileged to have such quality local talent and to be a part of it all. All we have to do is take the time to appreciate the music that will define our generation.

- Victoria Blair -