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Atomix Records (75 Saint Paul Street St.Catharines)

Victoria Blair
December 07, 2010

Trying to find a musical topic to write about, I came across a shop called Atomix Records on Saint Paul street and decided to go take a look. I've never been in a record store before, and now, I know for a fact that they are much better than any HMV. The whole room had a vintage feel to it, in an inspirational kind of way. Although the walls were made of gray brick the whole place seems warm and soothing... or that might just have been the clear sound of Axelrod coming from the

Of course the owner, Dollar Bill (yes that's his name), was there. Winter took a toll on his upbeat persona, but none the less, he was welcoming. From Hip Hop and Jazz to Rock and Folk music, he had all sorts of records and an even wider clientele range. He confessed keeping the best records for himself. All the ones behind the counter were his and to my surprise he said he had more stashed away in a storage room. When I wondered out loud how many he had, he simply replied: "I don't know, I stopped counting years ago."

When I left the store, I felt a little smarter in my musical tastes and a little more fond of vinyls. I recommend you the Atomix Record store if you want to find the record your collection is missing, a turntable or just talk music with someone open minded.

I know it sounds like I'm doing publicity but I just really like the place. :D

-Victoria Blair-