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Stumble Records X-Mas Bash

Victoria Blair
January 04, 2011

So the Stumble Records decided to throw a Christmas party/first year anniversary party for The Lucky One on December 10th at the Merchant Ale House. If you just learned about this now, you're probably cursing the heavens for the path you chose that forced you to live under a rock... or maybe you're just wondering how it went. Here's the deal.

It was 10$ to get in at first and 5$ later on and believe me, people were still pouring in when the last band was playing. The placed was so packed, I was lucky to get a good pictures of the performers. It was at the Merchant Ale House, a pub with no stage. That means that the bands were playing at the same level then the crowd with nothing in between. Although it could've easily been catastrophic it turned out to our advantage. The Barettas didn't come as they originally planned to and, by a stroke of luck, Unbelievers took their place, followed by the main course: The Lucky Ones. The Brains were for dessert.

Even though some people were just wasting space, standing there, picking their nose and waiting for their favorite band to come on, the majority added to the atmosphere and had a great time.

Unbelievers (Cindy Caron/drums/vocals, Jen Unbe/vocals/ guitar, Steve Scott/bass/vocals)

The first set, Unbelievers, started half an hour late (at 10:30), which is fine, it let people more time to drink and come in. The unique lead singer gave the crowd a tremendous amount of energy while the bassist was putting on quite a show, goofing around with the crowd and dancing. I was amazed by their talented drummer, Cindy Caron, who can bang on her drums like no one else while doing back vocals. You don't see that everyday.

The band, originating from Toronto, sounds fun, punk and very young. It was refreshing to hear them and it set the tone for the night.

The Lucky Ones
(Steve Stumble/lead singer, Knuckles/bass/vocals, The Doctor/guitar/vocals, 3 Pack Murphy/Drums)!/pages/The-Lucky-Ones/121729077861287

The Lucky Ones started shortly after. With a big smile on everyone's face, the local band played a couple new songs but mostly they chose songs from their album, The Booze Sessions. Drunkin' Holiday got a huge reaction from the crowd as well as Raise a Glass and the short Your Mother's a Man made everyone laugh. Steve Stumble's voice seemed to engage everyone into drinking mode (that would probably be because every song is about drinking). Soon, the tipsy crowd was singing along to every song. A couple of lucky ones even got to sing in Steve's mic, and some people were abusing that. It was all in good spirits and the pure punk rock sound The Lucky Ones delivered shook everyone up. There was a few technical difficulties halfway through the set but the band kept on playing and it didn't take anything away from the performance. A couple of sweet guitar solos and toasts later, the crowd was smashed. Envious people were watching the whole scene from the window with huge grins plastered on their face. Was it because they could hear the music clearly or because they fed off of the festive energy that radiated from the Merchant Ale House?

The Brains
(Rene delaMuerte/guitar/vocals, Frank O'Brain/drums, Colin The Dead/Bass/vocals)

The Brains attracted a lot of attention to themselves. They all had assorted white contacts witch made all their expressions that much more intense. The technical difficulties subsided but the psychobilly band gave an extraordinary performance. They played a french song, Apres Cette Nuit, as some of the band members are french and a Depeche Mode song: Enjoy the Silence. Injected with The Brains personality, this song surprised everyone. Before long everyone was dancing, there was even a mosh pit in the middle of the pub! I saw a guy in crutches thoroughly enjoying it too! By the end, Steve couldn't resist and he joined in with the band.

I have to say something about the new bassist, Colin O'Dead, whose performance was phenomenal. Climbing on his bass to sing, he is the fastest bass player I ever saw! He even let the crowd sing into his microphone at some point.

The event ended when the bar closed, around 2:00. People left with CDs and t-shirts from their newest favorite band. All in all, everyone seemed very satisfied with their friday night. The Stumble Record Christmas bash was a big hit. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Merry Christmas Stumble Records
Happy Anniversary to The Lucky Ones

-Victoria Blair-