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Strega Cafe - Xmas Food Drive Musical Event

Victoria Blair
January 04, 2011

On Saturday, the 18th of December, Jaimie Godard, a local philanthropist, organized a charity event for the community care food drive. Four musicians were to perform at Strega Cafe, giving the audience a chance to donate some food for the poor at the door. With local art on the wall and organic tea on the menu, Strega felt like a very good student cafe (except for the liquor license!). The event, that was suppose to begin at eight, started at nine to give the tardies an opportunity to hear all the performers at their best. About twenty people showed up, making the night that much more intimate.

The evening started well, with Josh Rikkeriak playing some music on his guitar and singing while everyone was getting comfortable and having a good time. He was a little nervous but he still managed to set a social mood going and create a good background music with his acoustic guitar despite some technical difficulties.

The next musician silenced everyone as soon as she started singing. The adorable Randi Townsend captivated everyone with the sweet melodies that flowed out of her guitar. Although she never once looked at the crowd while she was playing, her voice came out loud and clear. It seemed she was using this as a way to really express herself, regardless of the people watching her. Her melody was soft which enhanced her clear feminine voice and the lyrics she wrote were simply beautiful. To everyone's regret, she only played a few songs.

Next up was some candy for the rap enthusiasts there. The coordinator of the event himself, Jaimie Godard, gave us quite a show: he performed acoustic hip hop and rap. He said he wrote most of his songs/raps on his spare time at the book store where he works. I have to say, he is a very clever lyricist and everyone enjoyed the upbeat music he delivered. He even got a few laugh here and there when he took the crowd by surprise with his words or was downright funny.

After, Phil Bosley, a good singer and a great guitarist, unfortunately only had time to sing two or three songs before Dave Green, stand up comedian, took this opportunity to crack a few jokes and let everyone leave with a smile on their face. The cafe closed at 11 so everyone was a little bit rushed to leave. The night was a big hit and alot of food got donated. The few that showed up got the chance to hear some of Saint-Catharine's best original music. The next event Jaimie is preparing is a charity event in January at Mansion House for the situation in Haiti.

Here is the website for the Strega Cafe situated at 19 King Street downtown St-Catharines.

- Victoria Blair -