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Discovering Music - Niagara Music Scene

Victoria Blair
January 04, 2011

Niagara Music Scene (NMS) is a concert promotion company that works with the regional music scene of Niagara. They have helped make venues more alive for every genre of music such as Ska, Hip Hop, Metal and Punk. There is three websites on which you can go check out what is happening on the Niagara Music Scene, I am going to focus on this one: It was created by Eye Heart Designs* and it is the most original one. But they are all very good references when it comes to concerts.

Unlike other websites, NMS doesn't over-advertise and it is appreciated. The top right hand corner, shows you ads from other well rounded websites, sometimes an event presented by NMS. Tucked in the bottom right hand corner are the boring and useless google ads. That's all, no hassle. No pop ups.

On the home page, on the right side of the screen is also the featured video (this week is Phantogram). That is the only music you'll hear throughout the website. Maybe they should take a look at the Stumble Records website which has a small music player on it's page. It plays
samples of the music they helped release. I think that a great promotion idea and maybe NMS should do the same. After all, promotion is what they do and this is the main website. The Myspace one only has 3 songs. They promoted hundreds of successful artists, namely Shad, Alexisonfire, Down With Webster, Lights and Paramore. I don't think the three songs on their
Myspace is enough for something as big as NMS. The homepage is basically an overview of the whole website. The important headlines and latest news are there, even some of the forum topics but most importantly, the upcoming shows and events. Don't miss The Johnstones's Yellow tour at L3 nightclub on January 6th. They play with Rebel Emergency and Mean Tangerine.
NMS works with venues all over the Niagara region such as The Mansion House and L3. They also promote shows in the US, with Mohawk Place and Sugar City. Both places are right across the border, in NY. It makes them a good reference when it comes to shows. Especially if you join their group on Facebook. They will send you invitations to every event they post on there. It is a good way to stay connected as they work on about 90% of the events in the Niagara region. If you become a member, you can make your own profile and promote yourself by posting almost anything you want. Shows, photos, reviews and of course you can post a reply on any topic in the forum section. It is really worth it if you are a music enthusiast.

Right now, there is only 7 reviews and interviews and 5 album photos (all taken at L3) on the website. Really disappointing considering the amount of venues they have access to. I hope there is more in the future (maybe coming from me). The "Contact" icon is dedicated to submitting requests concerning booking concerts, and advertisements. Just like that, you can complete the
form and send it. You don't have to be a member to do it. It's different and it's easy!

Other than that, the website is logical and fairly easy to use.
Here is the link to it

And to the other 2 websites concerning NMS

*Eye Heart Designs

I also mentioned something about the Stumble Records website