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Indoor Shoes Launch Party Night 1:

Ben Krawec
January 04, 2011

So if you're one of two people who actually read my stuff (hi mom! Hi
grandma!) you'll know that normally I like my music the same way I
like my women; loud, fast, angry and likely to leave you bruised and
bleeding. I listen to metal because listening to somebody sing about
things like “emotions,” “feelings” and “happiness” is a painful
reminder of that which I am missing. But since Joel covered the
Liferuiner show I was going to see I had to branch out a little bit
and go to the Indoor Shoes Launch party for something a bit more
mellow. What followed was two, aching nights of music that reminded
me that I used to feel more than just anger. Indoor Shoes is a new
record label that was just recently launched by Timur Inceoglu, Shane
Turner and Alex Tremblay. In Timur's words, they are about putting
out music for local bands, investing in local bands and putting time
and effort into local bands. These guys are doing a great thing for
our area and I hope it works out spectacularly.
As I listened to the sweet and gentle acoustic stylings of Mark Vida
I felt a gentle longing for a time when life was simple, women didn't
universally hate me and music wasn't all about hedonism and satanic
ritual. Mark's warm-hearted voice would be perfect back-ground music
to a cozy cup of coffee and a light meal with a pretty young girl if I
could find a pretty young girl who would sit near me for longer than
five minutes without running away screaming. Joking aside, his music
is actually haunting and soothing at the same time and while not my
usual cup of tea it was relaxing and I'd go see him again.
Teenage Kicks KICKED IT UP A BIT (hahaha... somebody kill me for that
one, I deserve it). I've heard their style of music referred to as
post-punk, but I don't know what that means so I'm going to say
they're kinda neat and folky, seeming to bring back some familiar
influences and sounds from classic rock and the psychedelic era. They
definitely showed an impressive range, sometimes the singer sounded
like a folk singer, sometimes like he was from the golden age of
classic rock, sometimes they had repetitive but driven licks like a
punk band would, sometimes they sounded like they were playing folk
music, and sometimes the guitarist busted out a bitchin' solo. Their
playing made me wish I weren't crippled because they made me want to
dance, unlike the rest of the audience which seemed content to text on
their blackberries and look unaffected. The difference between the
energy the band was putting into their music and the energy the
audience seemed to feel like letting out seemed really incongruous and
sort of made me want to start slapping people's cell phones out their
hands. Teenage Kicks was pretty sweet and you have to be a special
kind of wiener to stand around on your cell phone while those guys
play their kickass music.
Consumer Alert played what they insisted was not a reunion show but
totally was. They were sarcastic, fun and enthusiastic even if the
audience was full of apathetic losers who thought they were too cool
to let loose. Consumer Alert no longer exists and is NEVER getting
back together, but that's ok because all the old members of Consumer
Alert are apparently in bands that are much better. Which is strange,
because I thought Consumer Alert was pretty sweet. The singer thought
that the audience needed to mosh but apparently he and I were the only
ones. Seriously guys, apathy is not fucking cool. If a band is good
then show your appreciation by getting up and moving a little, a show
is way more fun that way. I don't know when it became cool to be
apathetic but that shit has to stop. There's nothing wrong with
enjoying yourself or showing that you're enjoying yourself. I can let
people get away with ironic horn-rim glasses and vintage t-shirts that
are waaaaaay to tight for their fat bellies but I can't stand people
that seem to think that showing enjoyment is lame. Anybody that is
too stuck up to dance and/or mosh a little now and then can go choke
on a bowl of soggy dicks.
I found Elks to be hit and miss. They had a nifty rockabilly edge
and some of their songs increased my heart rate a bit but at other
times they were limp and repetitive. They had a fun sound but it
seemed like whenever they thought of a cool idea they'd just run with
it over and over instead of changing things up.
Waterbodies had a dark, melodically discordant style that made
creative use of sounds that should not be enjoyable but are. It
seemed to me that they built their style around variation in tempo and
tone as opposed to variation in rhythm and melody which made them a
really interesting band to listen to. I can see why they would not be
for everybody, their music is a little on the cerebral side. If I
were a snobby music critic I'd say that they were pushing the
boundaries of what could be called music, but I'm not, I'm just some
guy who writes these things for the sake of getting into free shows so
I'm going to say they play stuff that you wouldn't expect to be
amazing but totally is

I would strongly recommend seeing any of these guys in the future and
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night if tonight was any
indication of Indoor Shoes' taste in music.

If you want to find out more about these happy fellas their music is
posted online at