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Barnhart Blog 4 - Liferuiner? More like Faceruiner.

Joel Barnhart
January 04, 2011

So, it occurred to me that I haven't actually covered any metal shows. This is uncharacteristic of me. I adore metal. I'm so metal, even my drink ware has knives in it (I drink out of a blender from time to time, that counts, right?).

Granted, I'm not as obvious a metalhead as I used to be. I've since cut my hair, and retired my leather bracers, and have switched from band shirts to Ghostbusters shirts. My musical horizons may have broadened over the years, but every once in a while, papa gotsta get his metal on.

With that said, I figured it was time to cover a metal show, so I went to see Liferuiner, featuring EA, The Red October and Counterparts at L3.

I arrived at L3 to find that one of the openers had already begun their set. The band itself was pretty solid, but the crowd wasn't terribly impressive. I mean, there were plenty of people, but they were all just standing there, looking at the band with something of an "oh, this is fun" look on their face. Hardly the reaction one would expect at a metal show. I was tempted to run into the crowd and start punching people, but the audience was largely comprised of short, scrawny teenagers, and I didn't feel like getting removed from the show before I'd had a chance to see any of the bands. It wouldn't take the bouncers long to locate the 300 pound behemoth tossing people around like androgynous 90 pound ragdolls.

The crowd reaction improved exponentially as the night wore on, with people moshing and jumping and that weird arm flailing pseudo karate kids do these days. As the crowd got better, though, the bands got more screamo. That's not to say they weren't good, just, screamo isn't exactly my plate of nachos. Among the other bands that played were The Red October, EA, and Counterparts.

Like I said, the opening bands were a bit screamo for my taste, but they were heavy enough, with enough breakdowns, solos and metal riffing to keep my interest. Each had vocalists that could switch between high pitched screaming and manly death metal growls fairly well, so points for that. They felt that every song needed a break down, though, so points deducted. Break downs are fun times, but every song? It just makes everything sound the same. That aside, none of the bands were awful, and I'd probably go and see them again.

Right when I was starting to get bored with the screamo, Liferuiner showed up and punched the boredom right in it's face. If the crowd was good for the last couple bands, it was awesome for Faceruiner. There were still people doing their best (worst?) impressions of Jet Li having a seizure, which was comical, but the stage diving and crowd surfing made up for that. It was right about the time that someone threw a kid over the stage barrier that I knew things were looking up.

What separated Liferuiner from the other bands is attitude. The other bands were angsty, I would describe Liferuiner was aggressive, but only because dick-punchy isn't a real adjective. Liferuiner is so metal they bleed mercury and piss razor blades (which I hear is hell on the urethra). Word around the deep fryer is that their vocalist keeps a sewing kit in his washroom so he can suture his dick back together every time he takes a piss.

They featured deeper, manlier vocals and less break downs than the other bands. This was good news, because I had been growing weary of every single song following the same formula of intro-verse-chorus-verse-break down-outro. Variety is key. They didn't make every song sound the same.

One thing that I feel needs to be shared, is while bantering to the audience, Johnny OC, the vocalist, said something about how everyone in the audience has that one parent they hate, and some dude in the audience yelled "Respect your family! Respect your fucking family! Fucking faggot!" and then someone threw him into the ground. Probably the highlight of the night. This is why I love metal shows.

As per usual, you can check out the bands that played on their myspace pages: