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the YELLOW SNOW TOUR - The Johnstones & Guests @ L3

Victoria Blair
January 11, 2011

The Johnstones set off their Yellow Snow tour at L3 on Thursday night with unsurpassed grace and poise. I'm totally kidding. It was the complete opposite, they actually gave away a VHS copy of The Nutty Professor to a lucky fan who probably wishes he still had the VCR to watch it. No doubt the tape was bought a long time ago, when screens weren't flat and wires roamed the floor of every living room and basement in the city. But enough about the dark ages, I have so much to tell you. Here's what happened.

Ramona started off the night with a smooth sound somewhere between rock and reggae. They played a few tunes while the people started coming in and getting themselves a few drinks. They gave away free CD samples with four of their songs on it. The sample box was emptied very fast! If you didn't go to the concert I suggest you take a look at their website and listen to AT LEAST one of their songs. The link is at the end of the article.

Next up was Gin Rummy, they played some songs from their brand new self titled album. Their sound is punk and light, like a Californian punk band although they are from Stoney Creek. I have to say I was really surprised by the quality of their first album recordings I found on their Myspace. Their live performance was much better! You can really tell that they practiced and grew as a band. Their new songs are more solid and expressive! If you want to buy their new CD check out the website at the end of the article.

Theatre Crisp attracted a lot of attention and left a good impression on everyone. They are a five man hip hop band. Their sound is very clean and melodic. Somehow, the lead singer managed to rap AND play his guitar (and he did both very well). They incorporated a tap dancer into their set who works his feet like a percussion instrument. It made their hip hop songs much more full and memorable. I strongly suggest you go to their website for a little sampling.

A bunch of Mean Tangerine fans showed up for the event. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves while the band was playing, even though the young bassist had some technical difficulties. Without a sweat, he changed his bass in the middle of a song and barely stopped playing. To me that is very impressive and shows a tremendous amount of talent. Their sound is rock with a pinch of soul which makes them very melodic.

Next was Rebel Emergency, a rock band from Toronto. They played a couple of reggae sounding songs which stirred a lot of emotion in the crowd and shadowed their plain rock songs. The difference between the two types was drastic: While the tame stuff they played at the beginning didn't get much of a reaction, their groovier stuff got the audience dancing and singing along. A lucky girl even got on stage to dance with the lead singer. By the end of their set the floor was full but the warmed up audience was left wanting more and The Johnstones were there to satisfy their hunger.

The Johnstones in concert is a lot like watching a cartoon. The band members keep goofing around and playing pranks on each other (like pouring water down each others' butt cracks: a form of johnstonian greeting). Along with the happy ska/hip hop sound they delivered, the enormous band entertains you visually. They all wore blue shirts and ties and kept interacting with the public. Their set was energetic and original, they even let a dozen of their fans on stage to dance with them (including me!). They played songs from their new album "Yellow Snow" all night. At the end of their set they took the crowd's special requests from previous albums making it a night to remember.

Check out their new video : Let's Get F**ked Up Tonight, it's really hilarious.

- Victoria Blair -

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