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Victoria Blair
December 30, 2010

On Thursday December 30th, The Mansion House hosted a Gas Station Junkies concert. The Mansion House is a saloon type of bar that provides great beer and great entertainment to it's customers: on Saturdays at 10:30 they host a band called The Smoothies, a funky reggae band. The Gas Station Junkies on the other hand are, well, a hardcore blues band. Very different and very loud.

The place was packed and the evening started at 6:30 with Superheroes (an acoustic cover band), Infernal Dawn (a rock/metal band), formerly know has Bury The Survivors, played shortly after. Despite the protests from the Gas Station Junkies lead singer who was trying to warm up the crowd, everyone stayed about two feet away from the stage. As if they were afraid to approach wild animals but enjoying themselves too much to wander away. Their act didn't last long although the crowd enjoyed it very much.

Gang of Coyotes was up next, their progressive indie rock sound transported the audience to another world. They used some prerecorded sound effects for a couple of their songs. All in all, the band was passionate and to my amazement they apparently believe in free music and you can download their CD free of charge on their Myspace. Check it out!

The Gas Station Junkies played for about an hour after that, they even had an encore! They have a loud punk rock sound with some blues undertones to it. They described it themselves as "sounds like getting into a fight with a bottle of whiskey". They are so unique, they took over the whole crowd and everyone was singing along and dancing before the first song was over. The crowd was mainly gorgeous women, enjoying the talent and the view. When the guitarist actually decided to step forward in the crowd he was embraced by all the women, but he kept on playing the brave man he is. The lead singer, was always giving his 110% and his energy really was something else. I saw him laying down in the middle of the crowd, playing a little bit of drum, jumping in the middle of the stage and raising his fist to the air. He even hung from the ceiling at some point! Overall the band had a very good presence on stage.

It seemed as thought all the band that played that night were different branches of the same genre: rock. It was a nice mish mash attracting a diverse crowd. It was a great Thursday night and even though it ended very quickly I think everyone was satisfied, if not, there was always the after party with the band!

The event was presented by Niagara Music Scene

- Victoria -

The Mansion House - 5 William Street Saint Catherines

Infernal Dawn (along with a new name, Infernal Dawn is looking for a new vocalist)!/pages/The-infernal-Dawn/160613287297900

Gang of Coyotes