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Battle of the Bands WINNER - Mary Shall Burn

Victoria Blair
January 18, 2011


In the last installment, London's Radio 94.9 CHRW was looking for the most promising band out there and Gameplan came up with a solution : The Battle of the Band 2010. The winner would win air time at the radio station, a prerecorded interview and the airing of their winning song.

Excellent music was handed in, but in the end Mary Shall Burn won the first prize, Robotic Lunch came in at a close second place. Make sure to check out Robotic Lunch and their new album Zangief on their website for some solid rock. They are also playing live in Kitchener on January the 28th at The Hive/The Joint.

Mary Shall Burn is a young band from Welland. When I say young I mean it was formed last November. Darren Toderick (guitar) and Ryan Demers (Bass) added their own flavor to Rob Taves (vocals) and Paul Labelle's (drums) duo. Since then it has been smooth sailing for the band and everyday they discover the extend of their chemistry and talent. Their first band practice resulted in ten songs perfectly executed, and a couple new ones to boot. Not a bad start!

It's the song Under Control from their upcoming demo Burn That Halo that won them the first prize. Rob's raw masculine voice sings about everything you need to keep under control in your life, mainly relationships and bad habits. Their loud guitar and provocative lyrics sound inspired by people like Rob Zombie and Godsmack. To paraphrase Darren, the song really embodies every aspect of the group and, although the lyrics might not always make it apparent, the sound makes people feel empowered. In other words, it'll get the girls dancing.

Mary Shall Burn chose their song Under Control to enter the contest because it represents them the best. It's also Darren's mom's favorite song, she has been known to put it on repeat and rock out to it in her car, "I'm not kidding!" says Darren laughing. The sound has a lot of appeal for teenagers as well as older people who have enjoyed rock most of their life. The interview will air on the February the 25th at London's Radio 94.9 FM so don't miss it.

Burn That Halo will be launched at City Light Lounge in St. Catharines on March third at 10:00. Crutch and Peoria will also be part of the concert. March is a long way to go but fear not! All their existing songs are available on their reverbnation website for free (see the end of the article). Although they were all recorded in the drummer's kitchen you can still feel the burn.

Their live show should be only about a million times better then what you can hear on the net. If you want to see them live which I strongly suggest you do, you might want to go see them this Tuesday the 17th at The Mansion House (that's tonight!). Their hard rock sound is sure to blast your winter blues away and get you dancing. The event starts at 7:30 PM. See you there.

To use Paul's words, "2011 is gonna be the year of the burn!"

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- Victoria Blair -
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