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Dark Carnival

Ben Krawec
January 25, 2011

Today I've had the privilege of having the band Dark Carnival over as
guests at my rundown little hovel. I went to one of their shows at
the Mansion house a few days ago and Dan (the one with the game plan,
not Dan Palleschi or Dan “Fez” Noyes) was so amazed at them that he
insisted that I go chase them down for an interview. When Dan tells
you to do something, you do it. Otherwise bad things happen. Bad,
irrevocable things that keep you awake at night so you can wonder
where things went so wrong and why there's no way out. There is never
a way out, you can only go farther in. The best you can hope for is
that you stop feeling, and if you disobey then ways will be found to
make you feel again. We don't want that. Luckily for myself I didn't
fail him and they were courteous enough to come over for an interview!

(Volunteer writers have too work to Ben! lol Editor Dan L)

I had a riot with these guys, they all seem very driven and their
attitude is infectious. I really look forward to seeing what they do
in the future. I'm still getting the hang of this whole interview
thing, This time I thought to use a voice recorder so I could type
things out later, but I completely neglect to mention people by name
on the recording so while I got some golden material for this
interview sometimes I had trouble telling who said what. You're just
going to have to deal with that, reader. I'll do better next time.
Don't look at me like that.

When did you get started?

Dan: That was a long time ago, when did you move back from London?

AJ: F***ing... October 08?

Dan: So probably December 08?

Dan: Because AJ originally asked me, “we need to start a band”. before and uh... Well things went sour with our last band and then he moved to London and when he came back and he goes, “Dude let's start up another band!” and I was like, “No man, I'm not going through that shit again.” And AJ was like, “No, come on, let's start up another band!” so I kinda sat on it and thought about and then I was like, “Alright, if we're gonna do this we gotta do it right.” So one morning driving to mom's house after McDonalds after we got off work I'm like, “Alright, let's do it.”, and Brett and I had already started playing on Victoria Day. We all found that we played well together. So it was me, AJ and Brett we were looking for a singer so we called up Fez seeing as he had already tried out for our singer in our other band MOA (moments of apathy)

Fez – There I am playing World of Warcraft, all of a sudden my phone rings:

Dan: “Hey Fez, you wanna be in a band?”
Fez: “Ok”
Dan:“Alright, you're in our band”

[Girlish giggling]
So we played for about a year and then a buddy of Dan's called, asking if we needed another guitarist so we had Shaun. So he shows up at practice (wasted!), and we try it, and the rest is history, pretty much. At this point it was like, the end of September and we had a show on October ninth.

Who would you say you're influenced by?

Oh f***. I think we all have different influences, Seether, Disturbed, As I lay Dying... Like Metallica and Slipknot. We brought in some influences from technical death metal, it makes a nice balance and great harmony. Its what puts the F***IN OH YEAH!!!! in our songs.

Fez (I think? Who's voice was that?) - My dad A) like, growing up, I was always listening to his old stuff, and plus my brother, I was always listening to his stuff. As far as bands... That's gotta be Soilwork as well as Poets of the fall.

Do you wipe your ass with your right hand or your left?

(almost as one voice) Right!

Dan - We're all righties, right? Yeah. At least we know there won't be an issue with a circle jerk.

What's the focus of your band?

I think we all got a different opinion on that one...

Fez - I think if there's one thing we can agree on is that the one thing we need to focus on is writing.

Dan – Getting back down to our roots. Like, we've gotten real sidetracked. We meant to go on a hiatus and do some writing but we just kept playing shows, but now we gotta really sit down and focus on getting some writing done. We've got about a month and a half, we've got a March 7th show. F***, we've all got jobs, its really hard to find a schedule that fits. We practice three hours every Friday, that's about it. We wanna get our sound out there. The mixture of the more heavy metal and the classic rock and the more technical stuff there.

Where do you guys plan on going?

Dan – [We want to break the mould, it seems like] a lot of the music in St Catharines has just turned into the screamo...

Shaun: Yeah, like a lot of the metalcore kinda... F***, you remember a band called I Scream Ice Cream? That's what they ALL turned into for the longest time.

What have you done in the past?

Dan: Fez's mom.

Is his mom actually hot though?

Dan: No, but his sister's a smoke show. [Mostly we've been doing] shows for the most part, The Allanburg Community Center, Mikado, hell, even a christian youth center.
Aj: yea thats right we played at the ACC.

What's different between this band and your previous bands?

Shaun: A common goal. Definitely. We all mix a lot well together, like me and Dan... he'll be playing a riff and I'll just kind of play along as we come up with something . Its weird... We all mix much better together than we did with our previous bands.

How has your music progressed?

Dan: All of our shit starts out really simple, then we just complicate the hell out of it.

Fez: Yeah, that's probably why a lot of our songs have been scrapped...

Who comes to your shows?

[After some rambling the subject turns to a dude named Kyle] Yeah but that guy though, he's cool. He moved her from Calgary and shit and he was just like, “Hey, I wonder if there's a scene here.” And he comes here and he's like, “Wow, you guys are awesome.” People like that are the kinda people that you like to have come out to your shows. That aren't part of the scene and are here strictly for the music.

Somebody else, probably Dan: Yeah, like around here you've got a lot of different cliques. When you have a show out here each band brings their own group of people. We really don't reach out to a certain group of people, we just kinda sell what we can and we hope people come.

AJ: Yeah, if we get one more fan every show we play, just one on all the shows we play, f***in eh. Someone else who likes it.

What effect do you want your music to have on people?

Shaun: Really, I just want people to like it. Fez's lyrics have a lot of meaning to them, so if people listen to the lyrics and get something from em then that's cool. It ain't your melodramatic popular song you know. Its real life shit. I just want people to take what they want from everything. If they can bang their head to it that's what I want.

Dark Carnival's music can be listened to on Reverb Nation. They'll be playing again March 7th at the Mansion House with Maintain the Illusion and Fame. Go to that show and have a good time or I'll find your family.

AJ Grebber Bass
Dan Palleschi Guitar
Shaun Spring Guitar
Dan “Fez” Noyes Vocals
Brett Darling Drums

This article was brought to you by Benjamin Krawec and that strange energy drink I've been getting by the bushel from my eccentric neighbour.
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