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Victoria Blair
January 25, 2011

photo by Tony Ritossa (compliments of MSB)

I went to the Mansion House Gutwrench show excited to finally see Mary Shall Burn live and discover the local metal music scene a little bit. The event was held at The Mansion House on January 18th and was presented by Breakthrough Productions. It started at 7:30 with Mary Shall Burn's extraordinary talent and ended around 10:00 with Gutwrench's unequaled energy. The night was rainy and the elements where against us but, the turnout was still very good and people had a great time. Even Dan "The Man", the owner of Gameplanpros, showed up to see the Battle of the Band Winners.

Abolished was suppose to play first but they canceled about a week before the show and Breakthrough Productions turned to MSB to step up and entertain people. It was their first real gig and the place was packed. In fact they got the best turnout of the evening. MSB really wowed the crowd and between songs I could hear murmurs of appreciation. I think people were surprised at the quality of the opening band. The crowd clapped and cheered at the end of every song. Unfortunately their set was only half an hour long. They are releasing their first demo, Burn That Halo, on March third at City Lights so be there. You don't want to miss it!

Revenant is very different. The lead singer is a gorgeous woman with a very melodic voice, yet they still sound metal. The lyrics all had religious undertones to them and the instrumental was harsh. The passion they put in each and everyone of their lengthy songs was entrancing. The next band, Dark Carnival, was a lot more screemo than Revenant. I have to admit I was a little disappointed and relieved that there were no creepy clowns on stage for Dark Carnival's set. They're sound is pretty decent though. Their flow is a lot slower and heavy then most metal bands. Their lead singer stood in the crowd for the whole set while a couple of people were moshing around him. Check out Ben's article for more details about the band and an interview with Dark Carnival.

Gutwrench's set was like thunder. Their sound is so loud it's like listening to pure adrenaline. The mix between thrash metal and punk makes it the perfect headbanging music. Jesse Gondosch, Gutwrench's very talented drummer, brings on the aggression in each song with what seems to be very little effort. In the crowd, the one and only Hardcore Warrior was
all smiles, headbanging the night away and giving off good energy to anyone close to him.
Gutwrench is playing at The Mansion House again on February 12th with Cauldron! Get ready for some serious headbanging Saint Catharines!

- Victoria B. -