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Victoria Blair
February 01, 2011

photo by Lauren Garbutt

This article is to those of you who ignored all the posters, fliers and invites to Lauren Garbutt's Art Under Glass closing show. I just want you to know that you should never, ever ever, under any circumstances willingly refuse to attend to an event presenting many talented local musicians AND displaying unique pieces of art from an also local photographer IN a place where they sell alcohol. Randi Towensend, Noodles and Fruit, Rod Standish and Rod Standish's band, Jacob Bergsma and Under The Weather were all at Strega Cafe , casually entertaining the crowd and giving different meaning to Lauren's inspirational photographs.

Let me introduce Lauren to you. She is a cheerful and charming young lady and a talented photographer. The many people who had the chance to admire her art got a glimpse inside her mind: bright nature pictures, local musicians in action and auto-portraits. Everything seemed worth bringing home and for those who decided to buy some photos, the choice was difficult. Overall, the art show that lasted all through January got a lot of attention from a number of magazines: The View, The Beet Magazine and WeGoToShows magazine. The event attracted over 50 people in the Strega Cafe.

Randi Townsend started the night with her usual loud melodic voice. The melancholy of her lyrics filled the crowd's ears and the soft folk music issuing from her guitar guided the atmosphere somewhere comfortable and sociable. Her music stirred some emotion in the crowd and she got applauded and cheered at the end of each song. By the end of her set the place was full and there wasn't even enough chairs for everyone. It didn't really seem to matter, most people didn't mind standing up and the rest just kept stealing each other's chairs.

Noodles and Fruit was up next and only presented us one song. I'm not gonna lie, it sounded trippy, like a live jamming session. The musicians made experimental noises while the lead singer read a few lines from a book. The short song ended with the lead singer saying "Sorry for sodomizing your ears and thank you Randi for lubricating them for us". Not at all Noodles and Fruit! It was very interesting and needed to be done. The third band was Rod Standish and Rod Standish's band. Their choice of songs was very diverse, blues, metal, folk and they mastered every style they picked. Rod even tackled a french song!

Jacob Bergsma, the lead singer of My Son The Hurricane, got on stage alone, with a confident smile on his face and a guitar in his hands and introduced himself as J-Fart Turdsma. Just like that, he got all the girls giggling and set the mood for his set. No one could keep a straight face after that and the quick witted humor of his lyrics was not lost on us. His acoustic hip hop was so refreshing that his set seemed too short. His last song ended with an ugly jazz/beatbox freestyle. "You gotta try new shit!" and with that, he gave his place to Under The Weather.

Under The Weather completely blew my mind and it was their very first gig. The jazzy and groovy trio swept the crowd away with their instrumental songs. Their guitar sound is smooth and irresistible, it got the girls dancing in almost involuntary movements. Their creativity and talent did not go unnoticed, loud cheers and applauds followed every song. As their vibrant bass line and expressive drum beat drew to an end, an encore was requested from the entire crowd. Unfortunately, it was past 11h and the cafe had to close. I warmly recommend them to you. Check out their website!

All the bands had very different styles of songs but all blended well together. Not everyone went home with a photograph, don't forget, you can buy one on her website! Check it out!

Laurent Garbutt

Randi Townsend

Rod Standish

Jacob Bergsma

Under The Weather

- Victoria Blair -