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Victoria Blair
February 08, 2011

This last week, I have been lucky enough to interview the co-founders of Walk Off The Earth: Gianni Luminati and Marshall. To those of you who haven't already heard of them, read this article very closely, this band is very important. W.O.T.E.'s sound is a mix of ska, and beach music, the end result is not unlike a hip hop version of Cat Empire, the perfect soundtrack for get-togethers. Just from hearing their music you can tell that they are passionate and driven. They already have two albums out. Their first one, Smooth Like A Stone On The Beach (2007), has a hint of reggae to it and is very upbeat. In other words, it's happy music. The second album, My Rock (2009), is a little more tame but more unique. Both the albums express the zing and humor that is the soul of W.O.T.E.

As a fan so elegantly put it : "It's porn for the ears."

The band was created in Burlington about four years ago. The energy and humor of Gianni fused with Marshall's creativity and depth. The perfect duo was born. They recently included two new member to the band, Scime, the best drummer in Burlington (according to Gianni) and Taylor, a passionate musician. Up until now, Gianni has been playing a lot of instruments on stage and singing and beat boxing at the same time which has to be draining live. The new members are there to inject a little of their personality in the music, complement each other and take a load off Gianni and Marshall during the shows.

The band has been doing a lot of excellent cover songs these past few months, giving them all a little Walk Off The Earth flavor. Magic is definitely one of my favorites (the link to the video is at the end of this). They have a new music video coming out soon in which they are going to answer a lot of the fans' questions. Their Youtube page is probably their most up to date website, they add new material to it every couple of weeks. You might have seen Sarah Blackwood from The Creepshow in a couple of their videos, apparently her chemistry with the band is good because Gianni is working on some songs with her. Looks like we are going to see more of this new artistic cooperation.

They have a new album coming out in May. When I asked Gianni how their new album was going to sound, he replied: "I'm not exactly sure yet. [...] we are going to try a few experiments! It will have less of a ska vibe but there will still be a subtle reggae feel to it." This means a kick ass Walk Of The Earth tour this summer!

The album is going to come out through the SlapDash Records, owned by Gianni himself. It is one of his greatest personal achievements! It enabled the band to push musical boundaries and gave them a little more freedom.

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