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Notlam Productions

Victoria Blair
February 22, 2011

This week I want to present to you someone who is making a difference in the music industry: Notlam (LaMounde Moore), from Notlam Productions. He is a producer/artist from Brampton that decided not to go commercial but to stay true to his nature and respectful towards the artists he works with. Here is how he built this for himself from scratch.

About 12 years ago, young talents were being fooled by more experienced and successful artists, paying a high price for a low quality product or nothing at all. It was making it hard to break through and was damaging the music scene. That's when Notlam, who was still a hip hop artist at the time, decided to produce his own music. In time he bought all the gear he needed to record his tracks properly. He eventually got offers to help others accomplish themselves in their artistic careers. His reputation was good and grew very fast. Now he owns his business: Notlam Productions. When I asked him what was his greatest achievement yet he proudly said that with all the money he made in his earlier years, he was able to pay for his house in Brampton, in which his studio is located.

The fact that he works from home makes the relationships he creates with his clients much more personal. "When most people go to a commercial unit they would not ask for a deal." Notlam is not that kind of guy. He listens to the artist's needs and helps them further their career with good advice (from someone who's been there). Sometimes he takes the role of a mentor and guides people but in the end, whether the artist is new or older, whatever the client's need is, he will adapt to it.

When he's really inspired, he said he can finish a beat in fifteen minutes but if the vibe is not there it can take him up to a day. He can finish an artist's track completely in an hour and half. Notlam is very efficient and work driven. His fees are pretty reasonable:

35$ an hour for studio time, Engineering and Mastering.
200$ to 400$ for a beat.

Soon, Notlam will be participating in a student Co-op with the St. Margueritte d'Youville Secondary School in Brampton. He is looking forward to helping introduce the young minds to the gears of the music industry.

One of his most recent projects he made with Rapper 'J Shiltz' is a music video for the song Louder:

Soundclick has a lot of his music samples

- Victoria Blair -