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Honour Amongst Thieves, Theatre Crisp, Parlovr & Dinosaur Bones : February 20th @ L3

Ben Krawec
February 21, 2011

So the other night I had the chance to branch out a little bit. I didn't know anything about any of the bands that were playing, they were all well outside the genres I usually write about. Its good to change things up now and then and check out something you're not used to. Generally I'm not used to listening to bands with soul. I tend to be about bands that have obscenity and violence where their souls used to be, whose music takes you to a dark place within yourself that you know you shouldn't like but definitely love. Yet there I was, surrounded by well adjusted people who would look at me funny if I told them that Live Animal Sex is a great show, and I enjoyed myself. I didn't need to know about any of the bands before I went in, I just heard something about dinosaurs and they had my interest. It turns out that was a good call, because I got a chance to enjoy some new bands and see something that I wouldn't have normally seen. Remember that, guys, its OK to try new things.

The first band that was up was Honour Amongst Thieves. The vocals were interesting, early in the set it was almost as if the singer was yodeling for a bit. The music was a very 4:20 friendly indy/funk sound that made some hips start swinging. I really enjoyed listening to it, and despite the fact that there were some surprising twists in their sound they got a tad repetitive. The lead guitarist could stand to change it up a bit more as it sometimes sounded like he was playing the same thing over and over. The vocalist is what made them good for me, that guy could sing in an amazing way.

Theatre Crisp was the next band to go on. These guys obviously enjoyed playing their set. The entire time they were playing there was a sense of infectious enthusiasm. Also, they had a tap dancer, which let them play around with rhythmic styles that a lot of bands don't get a chance to explore. By itself that was pretty cool, but what really made their set so great was the tap dancer grinning like a crazed loon while clacking his heels about. Looking around the room I definitely saw that it was getting people dancing and moving around. Their music is extremely catchy too, I've still got one of their songs stuck in my head and its been two days since the show.

I had a hard time knowing what to think of Montreal's Parlovr. They came out fast and intense, which I liked, and they were intense and upbeat, which I also liked, but they had an inconsistent tempo, which I didn't like. At times it sounded like each member of the band was playing a different style of music and it was difficult to figure out how the music is supposed to make me feel. They would have benefited from a tap dancer but I will likely be thinking this about most bands from now on. They got better as the night went on, and when they got it together they sounded bang on. I also liked seeing the audience participation they had going on, members of the audience who knew the lyrics could leap on-stage and sing the chorus. They were fun to listen to and I'd see them again if they came around but I don't know if I'd go out of my way to.

Dinosaur Bones from Toronto was definitely something cool. They played emotionally charged yet laid back tunes that got people dancing. I loved the complex drumming, the strong bass guitar and the quirky performance. They had tons of great feeling energy and I'm keeping my eyes out for more from these guys. They have an album coming out March 8th that I would recommend at least listening to. On top of that they have a tour coming up with Tokyo Police Club and they plan on being around for the S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival.

As always, check these guys out on the internet.

Dinosaur Bones


Theatre Crisp

Honour Amongst Thieves

This article was brought to you by Benjamin Krawec and lots and lots of coffee.