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Southern Souls

Victoria Blair
March 01, 2011

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I present to you Southern Souls (, an online archive of videos featuring Canadian artists in their natural habitat. While most Gameplanpros' videos feature sweaty and energetic local bands performing at festivals (good times), Southern Souls' videos seems to create a more intimate atmosphere. The artists featured always choose their own locations based on what is most suitable for the type of music. Suitable here can mean zoo and factory. If you have had the chance to watch some of the videos, you will notice that they all seem to take you on a journey.

The experience ultimately leaves you with an illusion closeness with the artist. As strange as that might seems it is exactly what happens and that phenomenon has brought a lot of attention to the website. In fact, Southern Souls is now in CBC Radio 3's top 30 Best Canadian Music Websites. The radio station will soon be announcing what websites will make it to the top 10. The ones
with the most votes win. So go vote already! The results will be revealed on March 3rd (on the same day than Mary Shall Burn's concert at City Lights by the way, just a Metal Tip :).

Mitch Fillion is the cameraman and editor behind the Southern Souls videos. Inspired by La Blogotheque, a french online video archive, he started a documentary on Hamilton's music scene but as time went by, two problems became apparent:

1. Mitch's techniques were getting a lot better with time and he didn't feel comfortable mixing his new videos with his old ones.
2. The artists kept demanding to see the footage of their performance and that wasn't always convenient.

The solution imposed itself, Southern Souls would be an online archive, a blog where Mitch could see his progress as well as share his work with the world. That was in 2009, since then he has been uploading a new video on the website every week. It is updated so often, the news on the website are always fresh!

My personal favorites are Grand Analog, Gianni Lauren and Maylee Todd who had the boldness of choosing to have the video of her playing the harp made in the middle of a zoo. Surprisingly all this beauty doesn't take any planning at all.

"Most of the locations are found the day I meet up with the artist, I'm not a fan of planning too far ahead, it's really anything that strikes me." (CBC Radio 3 - Interview: Southern Souls videographer, Mitch Fillion) So the secret is all in the spontaneity, that's what makes the artists a little vulnerable and enables us to see their true nature, their beautiful souls.

From March 9th to the 13th is CMW (Canadian Music Week), and for that occasion, Mitch will be shooting eighteen bands (supervideographer to the rescue!). In two years he did over 200 videos but can he really make eighteen videos in four days? Land of Talk, Yukon Blonde, Winter Gloves, Silly Kissers, Elephant Stone will be amongst the chosen bands. With that kind of talent and energy being put out there, I'm sure that the whole world will turn around and be mesmerized by the enormous archive Mitch has been able to put together.

Don't forget to join the Facebook group for more updates on what's going on in your area!

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Southern Souls