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Lambs Become Lions

Joel Barnhart
March 01, 2011

So, I have this problem where I work the night shift. This means that there are a lot of shows that I have to miss in the name of being able to pay rent. One such show that I regrettably missed was the debut show of Lambs Become Lions at the Mansion House this past Thursday.

Lambs Become Lions (henceforth to be referred to as LBL) is a brand spanking new Indie/Pop band from St. Catharines. The band is something of a supergroup of local musicians from bands such as Journey to Aspen, Storyteller, Queen Anne's Lace and From Man In Ghost. The band consists of Eric Conlon on Lead Vocals/Rythm Guitar, Justin "Jay Jay" Jennings on Lead Guitar, Rob Paulin on Bass and Brandon Deline on Piano and Backup Vocals.

They have two songs available to check out, Lake Ontario and Small Town Dreams. Both songs are super sweet and romantic and catchy as hell. They have a sound that is vaguely country, but is also reminiscent of bands like The Fray and My Morning Jacket. The music is extremely well written and produced, and the lyrics are poignant and mature. They're the sort of band that would be hugely popular on the radio, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see them get picked up.

Lake Ontario is a touching song about falling in love, and the beauty thereof. Conlon's vocals perfectly conveys the passion and longing inherent in such an experience, and really make the song hit close to home.

Small Town Dreams is less about falling in love and more about being in love, and settling down with the person you love, and starting a family. The song speaks of having a simple life, free of the stress of city life. Jennings' lead guitar work on this track are a testament to his skill and maturity as a musician. He clearly knows his way around a fretboard, but never gets too flashy or show-offy (that's a word now, show-offy, just so you know).

They have another show coming up on March 12th at the YAC Center in Welland, with Jonah Mantragna, Howler and Marine Dreams, that I encourage everyone to attend. You can check them out on Facebook at

or Youtube at