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Julie JD - Getting out There!

Julie JD
March 01, 2011

So, you've written a song, now what? Well besides registering it like I talked about in my last blog, you need to create a hard copy. It's recording time. Now you don't have to go all out and pay a lot of money for somebody to record you in their basement, when you can record it in your own!

Really, anyone with a mac computer and garage band can record a song. There is also Cakewalk, FL studio (fruityloops), Qbase or Pro tools. Pro tools is probably the most commonly used recording program amongst indie artists. Probably because you'll find the pro tools HD program in a lot of professional studios. Then Qbase and FL studios would be the best choice for the money conscious artist. These programs are good, if you're a control freak and willing to spend hours trying to figure out the program and months of practice to get a quality finished product. But there are less frustrating ways to get your song recorded that are also free. They are called Interns.

Where do you get one you might ask? There are schools like Harris, Trebas and Metalworks, where music industry students have to complete a real world work as part of their program to receive their diploma. So that means you go to a school and post on a bulletin board, that you're a band looking to hire a music industry intern. You would require from them two to three hours a week to do for you whatever they specialize in. This way you will not only get to meet recording engineers but people learning to be managers, entertainment lawyers and photographers.

You'll need this recording to send for grants, promotions and demos. Wait a second, did I say grant? That's right folks, the government will give you money to record an album. Of course you have to fill out an application and have quite a few credentials to back you up, I will mention more as we go along. So you need to post a recording on myspace, because let's face it. You're not really a musician unless you have a myspace page. This is the most commonly used website for bands to promote their music. But I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. Although, there is something you probably don't know about. ReverbNation. This site is similar to myspace, but it connects to an application on Facebook. Think about the possible fan base. All the cool people have myspace, but everyone else and their mothers have facebook. Both of these sites are good as reference tools for when you're trying to book gigs, promote yourself, gather a fan base and recruit a street team.

How can you get people to visit your website? They have to hear your song some how. There are tons of radio stations out there that will play Indie music. Some examples of these are college radio stations and satellite radio stations. You can also try to promote your music for television and movies. Are you serious? I sure am. You can go the total DIY route and Google, or search Craigs list for key words based on your city name like “film production”, “indie movies”, “production companies”, “music wanted”. But there are companies out there that will do this for you. Such as The Music Bridge and Songcatalogue Inc. All though these companies will take a cut of your royalties. There look at you, if your following my blog your already making money without even playing a show.

You should check out these sites that I mentioned:


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