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the Barnhart Blog - J Shiltz: Gimme That Flow

Joel Barnhart
March 08, 2011

So I was hanging out with Dan (Editor) when something curious struck me: I have never covered any hip hop acts. This is curious because I love hip hop as much as I love metal. I grew up as a child listening to such artists as Snow, Mace, Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs and Harmony, House of Pain, Notorious BIG, etc. I turned exclusively to metal for a while when I was in highschool, thinking it was the end all to be all of music, but after a while, I remembered that you know what? All music is pretty good. So I decided to try Hip Hop again, and I havenít turned back since.

Dan introduced me to J Shiltz, or rather, his music, and God damn was I impressed. Iím really picky with my hip hop, so it can be difficult for me to find newer hip hop that I like. I like my hip hop faster, with beats that are more reminiscent of jazz and 70ís era R&B. The kind of hip hop that was more popular in the mainstream back in the early to mid 90ís.

I was originally supposed to just review the track Gimme That Flow and the video for it, but honestly, I was so impressed, I figured itíd be a shame to limit it only to one song. The guyís good, and while Gimme That Flow is his newest, I feel that his other tracks also deserve to be mentioned.

Gimme That Flow was produced by Landscape, Cuts by DJ Docta. Itís a great track, with a great beat and fantastic lyrics. The beat is catchy, and has enough layers to keep it interesting, without just turning into the same loop over and over again. Shiltzí flow is nothing short of awesome, and the lyrics are clever and witty. The video itself is very well shot and cut, but one thing that bothered me was that at the beginning, it had a directed by credit. I thought that was kinda bad form, especially since they left out the usual title card at the bottom that says the artist and track name. Yes, itís a good video, and Iím sure Peter Hatch is very proud of it, but at the end of the day, itís not Peter Hatchís video. Itís J Shiltzís video. Small thing, but it bothered me. Aside from that, fantastic video.

I would also like to mention one of his other songs, Louder, featuring Grimace Love and Notlam, produced by Kev Brown. I straight up love this track. It almost makes you float. The beat is super chill and relaxing, but the verses are fast and interesting enough to keep you hooked. It reminds me of Asheru, with the sick bass line and simple yet catchy piano. On a side note, I promised myself Iíd never use ďsickĒ to positively describe something. This song is so good it made me break my own rules about adjectives. It was also so good it was chosen to be on the 2010 Whoís Got Next compilation album released by the Stylus DJ Awards.

You can check out both videos at