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Pam Levi

Victoria Blair
March 14, 2011


After the birth of her beautiful baby girl, LaReign, I wanted to know if Pam Levi was still in the music business. "[..]I look forward to making music with my daughter, [...]music is my life, passion, religion and money maker." She is a true artist, music is a part of who she is.

Most of the songs she performs are original, some are covers but all of them are from the heart. "[..]some of the covers I sing, are to show people where I get my influences." She touches everyone with her lyrical wit and her soft voice is very popular amongst the native communities in Greater Toronto and the East Coast. "[..]releasing my debut album ďREZ GIRL goes acousticĒ in 2008 was a great achievement for me because it takes a lot of patience, ink, paper and calluses...Oh yeah, and studio time."

Driven by her passion for music and love for her origins, Pam Levi is working on a new album at Notlam Productions. The goal of her music is to open people's eyes and minds to the Aboriginal ways and the issues they face, something she knows quite a lot about. Pam is Mik'mac and her native roots shine through in her music. In fact Pam gets most of her inspiration from her upbringing and Mother Nature, and sometimes even the Elders.

She currently lives in Brampton but was born in PEI where her parents raised her in a very musical environment: "Every day I woke up to my mother singing and by [the] evening Dad had the guitars out and not to mention mom playing the spoons like no one Iíve seen. Without any of that I think I would have been something totally different." She can pass on this musical heritage to her daughter like it was passed on to her. From the early age of 18, Pam has been involving herself in her musical career.

"Why did you choose music as a career?"
"I didnít, it chose me."

Throughout her career she has had the chance to work with many talented artists: the Barra MacNeils, Grande Darrangement, Jeremiah Sparks, Faith Nolan, Notlam, David Myles, Dave West, Lucie Idlout, Shobha, J. Shiltz... The list is goes on!

"How far do you want to take this?"

"As a songwriter/singer, I will take this to my grave. As a musician, Iíll take this as long as I can remember chords."

Here are some useful links:

Pams YouTube channel


My favorite video, Two's a Crowd

Find her music in most Aboriginal Venues in the Greater Toronto Area and
most First Nation Communities on the East Coast and at all of her shows.

-Victoria Blair-
Two's a Crowd